Sunday, September 15, 2013

fortune teller

I am a fortune teller. I can tell about a person's character by the position of the planets at the moment he/she born. Well, sit down please. Do you have horoscope Ok, if you don't have your horoscope, give me your right hand. The lines on your palm show that you are intelligent, sociable and generous. Now you are 21 years old. You are very helpful and hardworking man. But your past was not good. Your danger passed last month. You did not earn money. You failed in exam. But now you have spent your difficult days. Your future is bright. The lines on your fingers show that you will pass the exam and get a good job with handsome salary in near future. You will be a little bit sick for the coming two months but it will not have great effect. Your problems with money will slowly disappear. But beware of someone asking to borrow money because the person will not get it back. Your family life will be satisfactory. You can overcome your enemies. Around the middle of this month, you are likely to make new friends and may begin an exciting new relationship. You will probably be an opportunity to travel in a foreign country. You are unmarried now. But you will get married after coming back from your journey. You will have two children, one son and one daughter. There is no point in worrying about your marriage. A beautiful girl will come to your contact and propose to you. She will not betray you till you love her. Your future is better than your past and present.

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