Sunday, September 15, 2013

On the way

Hey guys, i here want to share my feeling when i first went in my jobs. there it is really funny and some endeavours moments too. There i learn many things. the new experience, the new environment and new learning.
i just started my job as what i am told to do. first of all , there one of my sir came and asked me to open the gmail account and start to post essay . I was just in confuse and I was totally unknown. One man sitting near to me doing something . but i didn
t know what he is actually doing. I just typed and watched. He did something in computer but i  can't remember what was doing.
He just doing tittletattle , nothing come in my mind. spontaneously i am typing what they are doing. . One man checke there  something about health forums.
that is quit bitter experience for me too. first i feel good but for some time later i 8ust  conjugated in such a way  i forget what i have to do actually. i had to wrote eassay about agriculture in Nepal. but my mind boost in such a way, i didn't explain what i t shocked to me .
There i realize one thing that one must have sacrifice something to get something.

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