Sunday, September 15, 2013


computer is a electronic machine which can be reprogrammed to take input from user , process them by using by cpu and gives output in the human readable  and understandable form and stores data for future use. the word "computer" generally derives from the latin word " Computare" which means mathematics machine.

 No doubt , computer is very important in this modern world. without computer , we can't imagine our life.let me explain the some of the use of computer which are as below.
There are many sectors where we can use computer.
1. Education
   Education is the most essential nowaday where without computer it really feels dull. In School and College, teacher and student use computer to gathers information and to collects data to ease education .
2. Office
In office , people kept Ms-word and other computer software to prepare salary sheet, to operate business operation , to operate account section and many more.
3. Medical
In medical, CT-scan and other computerized method is done by computer. It also helps to calculate mathematical and binary operation to take x-ray , endoscopy and many more.
4. Science and Technoly
Computer is the part of science. where we can easily find the exploration and creativity of science .
in science , we use computer to calculate very large number and small number such as for atomic and nuclear research.
6. Industry
In industry , robots are used for danger works which are controlled by computer by using software.

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