Sunday, September 15, 2013

National Unity

  For the development of any country, national unity is essential. National unity means participation of people in nation building. A country may have different groups of people. The groups are identified with specific religion, culture, language, customs, etc. In the development of the country, their combined effort plays special role. Their unity is the must. Without their joint effort and contribution, no nation can be developed.
    Nepal is an independent country. It consists of various cultures, languages, religions, fashions, etc. It has also geographical diversity such as mountaineous region, hilly region and terai. Different ethnic groups have different cultures and customs. More than 80% people are hindus. Others are Buddhists, Islams, Christians, Kirats,etc. Due to its diversity, Nepal is rich of cultures. If there is no unity of these different groups in Nepal, Its development is impossible. The country will be weak. There will be foreign encroachment. It will be a failure state. We will not be independent. We will have violence, murdering and at the end we will loose our national identity.
   In conclusion, for the existence and development of Nepal, the Nepali people should have unity in real sense. They should feel Nepali though they visit in any part of Nepal. The terai people, hilly people or mountaineous people should feel Nepal while visiting all over Nepal. They should not feel exiled in this country. In every sector, there should be inclusive democracy. Different groups of people should be included, participated in adminstration, education, military force, politics, etc. to make a national unity. Participatory democracy is the another form of national unity. Thus, for the development of any country national unity is very important. Unity is strength but division into separate groups is weakness. National unity cultivates the feeling of patriotism, trust, human rights, brotherhood, equality and sacrifice. It keeps harmony among citizens. Personal desire becomes less important than national consensus.

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