Sunday, September 15, 2013


As we know planning is the foundation of the organization , it is important for successful operation of the operation. The following points clarify the benefits of planning.
1. Focus on objectives:
People may not be specific in the goals and objectives of the organization because of lack of clarify and precise definitions. Managerial actions can only be implemented if plans are defined precisely. Therefore, planning defines goals and objectives clearly. So managerial action is possible.
2. Facilitates Control:
Controlling is only possible if standards are provided. Planning serves as a basis for control. Planning serves as a basis for control. Correction actions can be taken if the work is not being performed according to the plan.
3. Primary for the other managerial functions:
All the other functions of management organizing, staffing, leading, controlling etc. are proceeded by planning. The planning clearly sets the courses of the other managerial functions mentioned above.
4. Increases competitive strength:
As we know today's business is facing tough competition. In order to face such competition we need to formulate sound planning which will improve the efficiency of products or services.
5. Innovation and Creativity:
Planning is an intellectual task. It helps people to initiate the new ideas and even in the case of uncertainty and risk. This is how innovation and creativity is enhanced in the organizational members.
6. Helps to attain objectives:
Planning assumes all the questions like what, how, when, why and where should the task be done. Thus it helps to attain the objectives in a clear perspective.
7. Better Co-ordinations:
In the process of planning, different members of different  department like production, marketing, financing, human resources etc. are involved so all they co-ordinate their activities to achieve the desired goals.
8. Uncertainty Reduction:
Planning is also supposed to be a tool to forecast and anticipate the future uncertainties. The change in environment may occur due to economic, social, political and technological changes. Planning helps an enterprise to make study about future challenges an uncertainties. The systematic and  Practical planning provides guidelines to management to complete the work in an efficient manner even in case of uncertainties.

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